Expanding The Power of U.S. Latinos

Influential Latinas Urge The Need for Improvement

09/25/2019 11:13 AM | TLC Team (Administrator)

By Santiago D. Távara

Image credit: Lenin Nolly // Jovita Carranza, Principal Advisor for the US Department of Treasury

U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza, Florida ViceGovernor Jeanette Nuñez and White House Office of Hispanic Outreach Director Andrea Ramirez highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit of Latina women.

Both the Small Business Administration (SBA), which has been nominated to lead by President Donald Trump, and the Treasury and Labor departments are investing in women to give them the “tools, learning and resources” that will lead to their advancement, Carranza noted.

“I’m proud of our Latina leaders and I’m optimistic that they are shaping our future,” she said September 24 at the Latina Prosperity Summit sponsored in Washington by the nonprofit The Latino Coalition.

Lieutenant Governor Núñez urged Latinas to “seize the moment and follow their dreams” because women encourage, inspire and “empower women” to start businesses, take risks and make possible what seems impossible.

Núñez, the first Latina to serve as Florida’s vice governor, said the government’s job is to provide the tools to create a better business environment, whether it’s in tax reduction, to “dream big”.

Ramirez, director of the White House Office of Hispanic Outreach, also emphasized Donald Trump’s government’s interest in “maintaining an ongoing relationship” with the Latino community through various activities and teleconferences.

Ramirez highlighted her family values by mentioning her daughters and her religious principles. “I am the voice” of Latina women in the Trump administration, she said.

One of the special guests was Mexico’s ambassador to the White House, Martha Barcena Coquí, who stressed that “the future of the United States is linked to the future of Mexico,” not only in terms of remittances but also in areas such as the economy and culture.

The second generation of Mexicans born in the United States “is more educated than ever and is ambitious in the good sense,” the use of creativity and entrepreneurship, to which is added the pride they feel for their roots, he said.

Mariana Wenzel Gonzalez, director general and co-founder of the National Association Against Human Trafficking in Society (ANTHUS), received a special award from The Latino Coalition President Hector Barreto.

Wenzel Gonzalez said she witnessed the existence of brothels and decided to take action instead of waiting for others to take action. She has now promoted shelters for women victim of human trafficking.

Barreto, president of the conservative organization The Latino Coalition, highlighted the importance of Latino businesses in the United States, whose numbers continue to increase. “Get out of your comfort zone, don’t just give out your cards,” she said.

During the Latina Prosperity Summit, Barreto signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Prospánica, represented by Jimmy Ortiz, which promotes the empowerment of professionals.

Participants included, among others, Danny Vargas, president of Amigos del Museo Nacional del Latino Americano; and Robert Bard, president of Latina Style magazine, founded by his wife who passed away in 2001.

Source: Political Profiles 

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