"Giving Latino Businesses a Platform to Thrive and an Ability to Shape Public Policy."


Numerous studies have shown that much of the economic growth and in the U.S. over the last few years is directly attributable to immigrants or the children of immigrants, and that most of those immigrants are Latino. We’re not surprised by these findings because they mirror our life experiences. Starting a business, creating jobs, realizing a profit and making a payroll is not for the faint of heart. Latinos are natural risk-takers, a trait that serves them well in business.

That is why we support government policies that facilitate the growth of small businesses and the creation of jobs. While government doesn’t create jobs — employers do — government can alleviate the burden of onerous, unnecessary and redundant regulations, creating a more business-friendly environment. Letting free enterprise thrive and businesses compete in a fair and open marketplace, without undue intrusion from the government, generates economic growth, creates jobs, benefits consumers and increases tax revenues. Everyone wins.

We consider attempts to dramatically increase the minimum wage — while well-intentioned — significantly harms businesses’ viability and is a job killer for young people looking for work. We all want America to prosper; low unemployment, sustained economic growth, fair compensation and high productivity are shared goals. The truth is that those of us who run businesses often have a better idea on how to achieve these goals than do elected officials. It is time for government to listen, take note, and follow our lead.

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