"Giving Latino Businesses a Platform to Thrive and an Ability to Shape Public Policy."

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: For general information, please contact Tracey Ordonez at Tracey@thelatinocoalition.com or 949.200.6844.

What is The Latino Coalition?
The Latino Coalition (TLC) is the leading advocacy and membership organization for U.S. Hispanic businesses. We are a pro-free-market, bipartisan, national Hispanic business association with the goal of ensuring every Hispanic American who wants to start and grow a business has the opportunity and the right economic environment to do so.

Who should join The Latino Coalition?
If you are a business owner – Hispanic or not! – The Latino Coalition offers a unique value.

In addition to our incredible networking events, access to contracts, training and discounts on business goods and services, TLC members are represented in the halls of government and in the national media by an organization that operates under a clear philosophy: When it comes to small business, government’s role is to create the best possible environment for success.

For more information on joining TLC as a small-business member, please contact Tracey Ordonez at Tracey@thelatinocoalition.com or 949.200.6844.

If you are a corporate leader who would like to be part of the work we do, your opportunity is unique, but also urgent.

The only way for Hispanic entrepreneurs’ message to break through is with your help. The reality is that small-business owners do not have the time or the resources to engage in the influence and advocacy competition. They are simply too busy running their businesses, making payroll, and raising their families.

As a partner of The Latino Coalition, your company has a unique opportunity to turn up the volume on the voice of the most exciting economic sector in the U.S. today: Hispanic entrepreneurs.

For more information on joining TLC as a corporate partner, please contact Prisma Soto at prisma@thelatinocoalition.com or (949) 200-6845.

Who is the Chairman of The Latino Coalition?
Under the leadership of Hector Barreto, Jr., TLC has responded to a demand in the Hispanic business community for an ethical and knowledgeable voice in Washington, D.C.; the result is the creation a grassroots movement that many say hearkens back to the origins of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce when it was founded by Hector Barreto, Sr.

See Chairman Barreto’s full bio here.

To schedule a meeting with Mr. Barreto, please contact Tracey Ordonez at Tracey@thelatinocoalition.com or 949.200.6844.

What happens at TLC events?
TLC hosts a series of public policy events throughout the year. These events, both in Washington and around the country, attract Hispanic entrepreneurs, thought leaders, elected officials, and the media.

In 2017 and 2018 alone, TLC events included speakers such as President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Treasury Secretary Wilbur Ross, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, SBA Administrator Linda McMahon, Congressmen Peter Roskam, Sean Duffy, Carlos Curbello, Mario Diaz Balart and Will Hurd.

TLC will hold three signature events in 2019:

  • The Annual Small Business Summit in Washington D.C.
  • The Annual West Coast Policy Summit in Los Angeles
  • The Annual Legislative Event in Washington D.C.

I'm a business owner who wants to join The Latino Coalition; who should I contact?
For more information on joining TLC as a small-business member, please contact Tracey Ordonez at Tracey@thelatinocoalition.com or 949.200.6844.

I'm a corporate leader who wants to support The Latino Coalition; who should I contact?
For more information on joining TLC as a corporate partner, please contact Prisma Soto at prisma@thelatinocoalition.com or (949) 200-6845.

I am a corporate supporter who wants to talk to someone on the TLC team about issue advocacy; who should I contact?
To discuss a federal or state public policy issue, please contact Omar Franco at ofranco@bplegal.com.

I am interested in working with TLC in the media; who should I contact?
To discuss opportunities ranging from television to print, please contact Yohana de la Torre at ytorre@thelatinocoalition.com.

Who handles social media and marketing for TLC?
Edgar Mejia oversees digital strategy for TLC. You can reach him at: EdgarM@conex360.com.

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